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Why did I write this book? 

I’ve never written a book before. I’m not a scientist or physicist. I’m not a licensed minister, nor am I a student of the Greek and Hebrew languages. I am, however, 
passionate about studying the bible; passionate about the truth; 
and very curious. 

It could be that my best qualifier is I am the great great niece of Reverend Charles Roberts, a Baptist minister born August 26, 1851. In the late 1800s, 
he established three schools, beginning with Cheneyville Academy in Louisiana, where children were provided a classical education that included Latin and Greek. 1800s? Latin and Greek? For what possible reason? … 

I mailed advance copies of Your Little Light Shines, a quantum physics look at the bible to everyone who was quoted in the book. On November 16, 2011 at 9:56 A.M., my telephone rang and the caller id showed “Maya Angelou.” I could not believe it! Dr. Maya Angelou had personally called to tell me that she thought the book was “fetching.” In our conversation, Dr. Maya Angelou suggested that I read The Seat of the Soul by 
Gary Zukav which I did along with several other books he had written. Gary Zukav said, “When I wrote The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, I had never written a book and I had never studied physics.” This was his first book (mine, too!). It was about physics (mine, too!). He had never studied physics (me, too!). He also said that he knew his book would be published—all he had to do was to keep writing.
Your Little Light Shines, a quantum physics look 
at the bible is loaded with information (over 500 footnotes) that you will want to revisit. Revisit, because deep within you already know. 

Some of the information is funny. For example, we all learned in elementary school that there is no new water. The water you drink today has been around since the beginning of the earth. Since 70% of your body is water, what does that say about how old you really are?

Some of the information is serious. We can be addicted to certain emotions in the same way someone is addicted to drugs.

Some of the information may be something you have not thought about. In Psalm 23, the enemies (that God prepares a table for you in their presence) are not real people.

I wrote Your Little Light Shines, a quantum physics look at the bible because it needed to be written. If you found it interesting, I would love to hear from you!

Because it needed to be written.
I do have a BSBA degree in marketing from Roosevelt University. I’ve had some pretty impressive jobs in my career, from my first product manager position at Johnson Products to my last “real” corporate experience as Director of Advertising Development for Union Pacific Railroad. I've been a consultant for many years now. Perhaps my advertising background qualifies me because it taught me about behavior, brand awareness, and why (the psychological reasons) people purchase certain products — (a.k.a. manipulation) which you will want to read more about in the book. 
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